After The Bit Rush




After The Bit Rush



Design in a Post Digital Age

October 22 - December 23, 2011

Participating designers: Julian Bond, James Bridle, EDHV, Ruth Gurvich, Theo Jansen, Markus Kayser, Tim Knapen, Thomas Lommée, Jorge Lopes dos Santos, Lucas Maassen & Raw Color, Minale Maeda for Droog, Jun Mitani, Yuri Suzuki, The T-Shirt Issue, Troika for Swarovski, and Unfold.

The digital revolution, the great Bit Rush, is over. The question whether something is analogue or digital does not matter anymore. Everything we do is infl uenced by digital technology. Just as air and water, the property of being digital is only noticed when it is not there, not when it is there.

However, the way in which this post-digital world is translating itself in our daily lives is not unequivocal; certainly not now that the digital is beginning to migrate from the screen to the real world of physical objects that surround us. To many of us, the digital may already have become as essential as breathing, but how this breathing takes shape in the post-digital world is still unclear.

How do you integrate the digital, the screen, the computer and the internet with the physical world? What role could designers play in this fi eld? MU, in collaboration with Lucas Maassen and Unfold, takes up the challenge with 'After the Bit Rush. Design in a Post Digital Age'.