Brainwave Sofa 
Scientific American

The shape of the Brainwave Sofa is entirely determined by recording 3 seconds of my neural 'alpha' activity the very moment I closed my eyes. The resulting 3 second computer file is sent to a CNC milling machine that mills out the Brainwave sofa in soft foam. It is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a futuristic production workflow in which the designer only has to close his eyes and a computer 'prints' the result out as a functional form. A warm grey felt with buttons in the valleys is applied by hand to the foam honoring the traditional codes of a sofa.

Brainwave Sofa is a collaboration with Dries Verbruggen from Unfold.

Many thanks for their support: 

Karl Zahn, Giel Kaandorp of Marin, Anneke Hoogervorst of VanVilt, Frits van Soest of Recticel and the Flemish authorities for financial support.

Photo: Rick van Rooli

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